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Danilo Corrêa
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Simple Candelabra (White Candles) by AngelicHellraiser:iconblackdivider0redo::iconblackdivider2plz::iconblackdivider3plz::iconblackdivider4plz::iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider6plz::iconblackdivider7plz::iconblackdivider8plz::iconblackdivider9plz:Simple Candelabra (White Candles) by AngelicHellraiser

Candle Mini Pixel by GasaraGood evening dear visitor!Candle Mini Pixel by Gasara
Be welcome to my little realm in the digital world...
Let me introduce myself...
My name is Danilo Corrêa , but you can call me Dan, I'm a hobbyist artist and a anthropomorphism enthusiast, yeah you can consider me a furry, I like this title, just dont expect from me some sexual or a excessively dramatic behavior , I dont like it, its not my style.

My artwork is purely for fun and my personal realization, so I don't want to capitalize my talent doing commissions...unless I get in some real need of money in the future.
In my gallery, you can found a large variety of themes like goth, steampunk , vampirism.....and including vore and pregnancy, but please dont take me as ordinary perv, I try to be less vulgar as possible when I work with such themes.

:bulletblack:Pregnancy: Since my childhood I LOVE to see the forms of the pregnancy, not just in woman but in animals too, the concept of you grow a child inside of your body fascinates me!! the bellies in special, it's beautiful I enjoy draw them

:bulletblack:Vore: I know that this theme has a very bad reputation , but my interest on it is far away from the mere fetishism, vore for me have a very deep meaning... something like the act of overpowering a enemy or even destroy him, or a small insignificant creature being consumed and becoming part of something more powerful, But I consider myself ALWAYS as a predator, because the idea of being eat for other creature gives me repulse, and my fursona in absolute no situation must be represented as a prey, its serious, I consider it a SEVERE INSULT against me !! please keep it in mind if you want to give me a surprise drawing or something like that. uwU

Feel free to give some constructive criticism, and ask questions about my work, I love to answer questions about my artwork! ^,...,^

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Dan the Children Lover
Alert Tiny Icon Emote By Mamaelm  warning!:disturbing content ahead! Alert Tiny Icon Emote By Mamaelm 

"The night has raised
your guard should too
crawling in the night he will come
black as a shadow silent as a ghost
he dont seek for gold and silver
he wants your most precious jewel
hide her in your strongest fortress
in the highest tower behind the thickest door
no matter, no wood iron or stone can stop this demon
but its not his fault, he is a victim as your children
the sweet scent of inocence tempts him too much to resist
once in the sancity, over the blanket of your darling
he will call her, he will seduce her,he will corrupt her
silently and cowardly he will sin deeply inside her
can you hear her moans?
his profane work is done,she will die as a woman now
your heart is strong enough to open this door?
once inside the evilest purple and red you will see
he fear no gun powder or threat
his heart only tremble when his eyes glance the blade of a brave
don't expect the divine punishment over him
his flesh will never get old and his heart will never stop beat
your steel is strong enough to tear the beast? isn't...just close the door and go
let him finish his delicious feast
when satisfied....
he will once again embrace the shadows of eternity
don't worry you will be fine.
in the morning your wife will find you dressed in your fanciest tie
right beneath the oak where your feet don't touch the ground..."

 " I will never forget that tragic night, when I was seeking for a inn in a small rural town, when passing through a alley I saw a black silhouette entering in a open first look it seemed some thief,then I climbed the same window to punish the little bum.
  When inside the house I noticed that I was inside a girl bedroom, and looking directly to me with a nasty smile showing enormous fangs and thirsty eyes...dressing a cassock and with long black hair ,creating a dreadful presence....not a thief but a vampire! not my first encounter with such beasts but this one in especial froze my bones!
  Before I could even think about take my crossbow in my backpack he grabbed me and forcefully nailed that sharp fangs on my neck and started to suck my blood furiously, in seconds he drained all my strength, and then threw me in a chair, I fell almost unconscious, then he calmly walked to the bed where a young girl slept peacefully...with no clue of what was happening around her, the demon started to undress her with a disturbing mildness, I tried to shout to wake up her, but the voice simply doesn't come out from my mouth!
  So she wake up just a bit ,feeling the cold of night, he laid at her side in the bed and with his filthy hands he started to caress her pure and naked body... this moment almost makes me puke!
 then he kissed her mouth like a lover kisses his beloved and with a tender voice he pronounced:
 - Wake up my darling....
 she open her eyes slowly and saw him and asked : - w-who are you?...why are you here?
- Don't be afraid my darling...I'm your guardian angel and I came here to take care of you.....
 she smiled and closed the eyes again to sleep, and again he caressed her body this time even more invasively...defiling her purity!!
  Then he looked to me and smiled showing his dreadful arsenal, and in a careful movement he bit her little neck, I started to cry desperately ,I said with all my strength - spare her!! kill me,take my life...but spare her!! she dont deserve to die, she is just a child!!he laughed at me and continued with his meal, draining in a slow rhythm the life from her body...she open her eyes in agony and in her last moment alive she whispered: - save me...please...I wanna live...
  He drained her blood until the last drop ,satisfied he licked his lips and kissed the dead girl's body,raising from the bed he walked to me and kissed my face and said : - thanks for your presence this night, was a pleasure dine with you my friend !- he threw me in the chair again and disappeared through the window...
 My heart was shattered, I couldn't save that innocent child, and I had to run out that room immediately without say goodbye to that poor soul because in that moment  someone could saw me with the girl and I could be incriminated by the murder.
 And was thus in this sad night , that I meet one of the most horrendous creatures of this world..Dan the children lover.... "(The Traveler)

"-you did it again...I warned you...
 -I already said that I'm sorry!
 -why you disobeyed me?
 -the temptation my father...I simply couldn't resist!! I didn't wanted to hurt her! cant understand...when I feel that scent, I go crazy in desire, hunger...lust...but after this frenzy fade away I only felt guilty and sadness...I didn't knew her...but I will miss her forever..." ( Dan and Salem)


sorry fellas , I think I crossed too much the tolerable line in this one .-.

let me know if you find  grammatical errors in the narrative

reminder: even this character being my fursona this obviously doesn't mean that I sympathise with such kinds of abuse in real life! e_e
Be called professor is really cool even when you teaches basically nothing. XD
  Work in the school is being a nice experience, my workplace is pleasant, from the director until the janitors everyone is nice with me and I'm equally nice ,my routine is not tiring, and by some miraculous reasons no child seems to be disrespectful (at least not with me )
  I'm drawing a lot on this job, I can draw fully finished pieces in the free time that I have without affect my efficiency when I need to work seriously, I patrol the screens with a eagle eye, no page is open without I knew about, its funny to see some students trying to fool me while I know exactly what they are doing.
  today happened something ridiculous that let me in panic, I was helping several kids in the computers at same time as always, when two of them a boy and a girl approached me and said:
-Teacher! can we go to the bathroom? we really need! xwX
 -yes ok ok,just don't delay to go back! -w-''
they ran to the bathroom and immediately a little girl laughed innocently to me
- Danilo, you can't let they go together to the bathroom...they play together in the bathroom... X3
- they play?....what a kind of play they can do in.... OH SHIT!!OH SHIT SHIT!! D8
  I desperately ran to the door after them to prevent they enter in the bathroom , I slipped and almost fell with my face in the ground, but luckily in this moment a teacher found both of them and prevented their "bathroom fun". XD
  • Mood: Relief
A really lovely drawing that I hate
this drawing a sketch well done but I'm really frustrated with this .
look at this body, is excessively perfect! I tried to draw a sexy body but with some imperfections but seems like my hands are conditioned to draw this stereotyped female body

1.the boobs are too big ,firm and well shaped, they were supposed to be heavy and shaggy
2.the belly seems perfectly slim, it was supposed to have a bit of fat
3.the hips were supposed to have a bit more "aggressive" curve
4.Dan dont do such dumb expressions, his eyes always have a tired, curious or aggressive expression (this isn't a big problem)

it's a good drawing but now I feel that I really need to practice some different ways of female anatomy

this is another test to some changings in the plot
Self-taught nightmare
"Nightmare bloodline is one of the most curious variants of cursed blood, few is know about those rare creatures, every 1000 vampires only 1 is a nightmare due the very specific conditions needed to create one, even during the great vampire uprising only 15 nightmares were sighted and only 3 where captured alive.
  The main characteristic of this bloodline is the communion with ancient forbidden magical techniques, long time ago banished from our society due the horror that such powers can cause, these powers when overused can cause radical changes in the vampire's body, making it almost unrecognizable decreasing even more its capacity to battle but increasing drastically its affinity with the forbidden powers.This form is often called "true face" by nightmares, it's supposed to be the real form of the vampire exposed by magic."
(The Pocket Guide of the Nightcrawlers)

"My contacts reported me about Dan growing exponentially his power, he already assumed his true face and keeps practicing constantly his flesh sculpt ability even after Salem ordered him to stop , my favourite bloodsucker is getting stronger and more rebellious.... it is wonderful to my plans! MUHAHAHAHAHAH!!"(Madam Victoria Lasombra)

"At first time I get really scared of what was happening, for about a week a felt pains over all my body, until a night that I awoke feeling so much pain that I couldn't get out my coffin, my limbs started to grow uncontrollably,I thought that some ritual has gone wrong and I was doomed. After around half hour the pain stoped I felt weird in all aspects, my body was completely changed I get higher with long arms and legs, my claws become long and sharp as razors, my tail and my mouth get an humongous size, my ears became horns, breasts grew in my chest my masculinity disappeared giving place to a weird fleshy "mouth" that is similar to the female intimity...but it have a tongue and drips an colorless goo with some frequency.... and it's not the most embarrassing part...I lay eggs!'s bizarre but it's true, they grow inside me and get out from my new gender,they have around 4 times the size of a chicken egg, its painless to lay fact is pretty pleasurable, they have darker colors soft shell and are filled with 3 kinds of a curious and delicious jelly...yes I ate my eggs...dont judge me!
  I managed to learn the way to back to my usual body, I don't intend to show this form in public, Salem would kill me, and this cathedral is now filled with perverted bastards they wouldn't let me alone, I just assume this form when alone in my room or in mid of the forest...this form is far more comfy than my original one, I can concentrate better, my powers increase alot, and I can consume delicious flesh...I'm secretly eating some of my victims, and when I have no victims I eat some rats that wanders all around here.
 Now I feel better... here I'm at peace, without the damn Nicolas bothering me with his alleged efficiency, but I'm considering the possibility to run from this cathedral and find another coven that accept the use of my powers...." (Dan)


4 days to draw it xwx
 I didn't want to draw it with nudity, but I didn't find an adequate clothing for this .-.
the most terrifying warrior by DANILO7
the most terrifying warrior
"I'm the evil, fear!.......yeah...! know that you are afraid!"(Dan)

"I saw him in the middle of the battle, she glanced to me and my soul frozed, I never felt so much fear in my life...I see his face in my nightmares everyday..he dont let me rest anymore!!....PLEASE GET OUT MY HEAD!! RELEASE ME FROM THIS TORMENT!!! KILL ME!! KILL ME NOW I BEG!!" (super valiant champion of the enemy army after saw Dan)

"serious??? 28000 in gold titles spent in a quality armor and he still seems like a fluffy toy!" (Salem)


no matter the clothing, Dan simply dont become scary! XD

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