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Danilo Corrêa
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Simple Candelabra (White Candles) by AngelicHellraiser:iconblackdivider0redo::iconblackdivider2plz::iconblackdivider3plz::iconblackdivider4plz::iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider6plz::iconblackdivider7plz::iconblackdivider8plz::iconblackdivider9plz:Simple Candelabra (White Candles) by AngelicHellraiser

Candle Mini Pixel by GasaraGood evening dear visitor!Candle Mini Pixel by Gasara
Be welcome to my little realm in the digital world...
Let me introduce myself...
My name is Danilo Corrêa , but you can call me Dan, I'm a hobbyist artist and a anthropomorphism enthusiast, yeah you can consider me a furry, I like this title, just dont expect from me some sexual or a excessively dramatic behavior , I dont like it, its not my style.

My artwork is purely for fun and my personal realization, so I don't want to capitalize my talent doing commissions...unless I get in some real need of money in the future.
In my gallery, you can found a large variety of themes like goth, steampunk , vampirism.....and including vore and pregnancy, but please dont take me as ordinary perv, I try to be less vulgar as possible when I work with such themes.

:bulletblack:Pregnancy: Since my childhood I LOVE to see the forms of the pregnancy, not just in woman but in animals too, the concept of you grow a child inside of your body fascinates me!! the bellies in special, it's beautiful I enjoy draw them

:bulletblack:Vore: I know that this theme has a very bad reputation , but my interest on it is far away from the mere fetishism, vore for me have a very deep meaning... something like the act of overpowering a enemy or even destroy him, or a small insignificant creature being consumed and becoming part of something more powerful, But I consider myself ALWAYS as a predator, because the idea of being eat for other creature gives me repulse, and my fursona in absolute no situation must be represented as a prey, its serious, I consider it a SEVERE INSULT against me !! please keep it in mind if you want to give me a surprise drawing or something like that. uwU

Feel free to give some constructive criticism, and ask questions about my work, I love to answer questions about my artwork! ^,...,^

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Dan's armor redesign by DANILO7
Dan's armor redesign
I  assume all the blame over the boobplates and its consequences in its whole extension, throw on me the merciless fire of the realism and the combat physics followed by the salt of the sexualization to increase the pain in my wounds!  \TwT/

I thought about several designs to the armor on the chest, but the inspiration by the armor of the battle sisters was too strong.

 Overly sexualized armor really pisses me off, but I make alot of considerations before create this one, as you can see the body is strongly protected in any side, especially the neck, making some considerations about the character itself , Dan is originally a male vampire (the name suggest it) who transforms into a female sometimes by his will other times involuntarily, he shaped his female form, he created for himself a form that could please his internal needs to feel feminine.( what is a good excuse for such curvy body)
 this metal breasts indeed brings the enemy weapon right to the mid of his chest, but this isn't that dangerous, because the impact over the bones will be incapable to cause anything more than a discomfort, he is a vamp, the only way to destroy him is cut his head or destroy his heart, and by destroy I don't mean a single piercing, I mean something like a 10 cm thick wood spike going through his heart (or a cannon ball )so an enemy would surely seeks for his unprotected head than his boobly protected heart.

hope this convince you, if don't convince, take a look in these other armored females, their armor are fairly reasonable,I don't always work with boob armor. >:V……
Tell me who is the master now....
- Doll, put all the weapons crates on the chariot, I don't want to arrive late for the black mass, tonight new cardinals will drink the lycan blood...I can't lose such spectacle!
- you carry this fucking crates...
- what?? are you questioning my authority? are you crazy Doll?? you already forgot who is the master here!!??
- you're not my master anymore...
- I can't believe in what I'm hearing...listen here you defective meat toy!!! I'M YOUR CREATOR AND MASTER FOREVER
- no...not anymore
- hey! put down this saw now!! I'm warning you!! don't point it to me Doll!! stop!! back off!! I said....ARRGH!!! MY ARM!!
- what is the problem? your hand isn't strong to keep the command over me anymore...master??
- please stop!! let's discuss this!!
- I'm tired of words...I'm tired of you...I don't want to discuss...I want blood!!YOUR BLOOD!!
- Why?? we are friends aren't we?? friends don't hurt friends!!!
- you dare to call me friend? after destroyed my life...after bloated and teared my body at your will to fulfil your desires?? AFTER TRANSFORMED ME IN THIS DAMNED ABERRATION!!
- you are crying?? are shame for your father as a shame for your clan....and you will die as a coward must die...slow and painfully!!
*saw sounds and screams*
old drawing...
Sacrifice pit by DANILO7
Sacrifice pit
"-my lord! but I thought I could have other uses for you!!
-shut up! your pathetic existence can only be useful for me as meat
-But, I'm skilled!! I have many talents!!
-You liar! you as your fellows have no virtue or valor, be consumed is already too honorous for a vermin like you!
 *chewing sounds* "


what is the lesson today kids?: never do pacts with demons if you are a common and irrelevant criminal worm >:V

this obviously doesn't make part of the plot

this can be called justice vore?

I lost this sketch some time ago and I found it today :la:

Dan+daemon: DANEMON!! C:

  I'm getting good in predict people's steps...especially when plotting something against simplify the whole story: I'm studying administration at night, im my class I'm the youngest , (the ages in that class vary between  20 to 50 ) in this administration class you need to create and show an project for the whole school, this work is usualy done in pairs of students due the complexity,when the pairs were defined I had no friend there (and I still dont have) so I ended pairing with an 40 years old woman...who is nothing more than a fucking big cancer! she is always annoying, always repeating the same thing, always complaining about how her life is a shit, and always trying to impress the others with her minimal knowledge...she is a complete loser in any aspect of life and nothing will change it...everyone in the class hate her, they are all pissed off with her complainings about her life,since from the beginning I noticed how she play as victim to convince the others to help her, now she is using it to manipulate the teachers, claiming that I'm not helping in the project...exactly as I predicted, she wants to kick me from the project because it is almost done...that treacherous fat bitch...the other students heard her plotting against me with some teachers, they came immediately to warn me, I don't trust them too , in a administration class no one is trustable, they are all eager to pull the carpet of each other...they are all snakes, but they are also eager to se this woman hit the bricks with her face and my charisma seems to have conquered some of them, this gives me an advantage...
 I'm holding my will to not pierce her fat neck with my sharp nails and crush her throat all my strength...I would love to do it...but I don't want to go to jail...she thinks that can simply outsmart me...this is not so simple...and I don't usually lose when I need to play dirty...

sorry by the little useless rant, anyway my internet connection has been repaired! >:V
  • Mood: Vengeful
Battle brothers by DANILO7
Battle brothers
"-They all retreated...cowards
-this attack concerns me more than it should...
-why? we are notorious! several assholes want our heads in their spikes.
-yes...but we are too far from any city...and our presence here is supposed to be an secret...
- it is suspicious, but anyway, let's just shred them all!! I'm several months without unleash my fury over someone...I'm thirsting to nail my fangs in some fresh meat!!
- What?? are you serious Dan? you are seeking for a battle! what happened to you? hahaha! you used to be so scared !
- I'm feeling myself more confident now... AND THIRSTING FOR BLOOD!! MUHAHAH!!
- I think these horns really messed with your mind! hahahah!.... anyway let's kill these lambs and go back to the civilization...
- Of course...Nicky...
- Hey!! don't call me nicky!!...especially with this seductive voice tone!! still being my brother...or sister...this scares me..." (Dan and Nicolas)

" I'm the strongest creature of the night, but I'm only one while our enemies are countless, so I reached the conclusion that I need strong allies as me to follow my guidance and bring down any oppositions that threatens our kind when the darkness rise.
  I will choose wisely through the centuries, only the child who already have seen the terror with his own eyes and survived can be chosen the receive my immortal blessing, they will be private of the pleasures of life, they will dress the black and blend in the night, through the darkness they will bring death and suffering to our foes...
 Four they will be, and natural and irrevocable hierarchy they will follow, the first, my primogen will receive my power without any restriction, I will give him my blood almost at the point to cause my own destruction, this way he will be the stronger and the others will follow him if I fall in battle,the second will receive 3 thirds of my holy immortal blood, this way he will be stronger but not enough to defy his older brother, the third son will receive only half of my blood as the last one will receive only a single third of this blessing.
 Our union will not just be an merely army of five, but united as a family we will aid each other an nothing will be stronger than our blood bound , they will be my incorruptible,dutiful and eternal sons..." (Salem)

"Everything seems beautiful and perfect as a fable in Salem's words...but in reality it does not work so well.Almost a century ago when the idea of rebuild the order were just a sketch in Salem's mind, he told me about the idea of create 4 vampires from his own blood and treat them as his sons, I dont wanted to question his wisdom and millenar experience but this Idea was clearly doomed since from the beginning.
  Young vampires are mindless and inconsequent as a child! even the weak ones can cause endless trouble in their first decades of immortal life, now vampires created direct from a so powerful master can be an complete chaos!
  Now the reborned order are real and solid, and as I have predicted, Salem's sons are nothing than troublemakers! first his primogen, that aberration called Dan, that creature borned with the blood of the nightmares, he is corrupted since the root! every night his body become more modified,corrupted and deformed, as the fact of he switch his gender isn't repulsive enough, I can swear that I saw horns growing from his head and bat wings from his back, this is clearly witchcraft!! Salem is blinded by the love for his son and are incapable to see the demon that he created.
 Nicolas, his second son, smart, wise, manipulator, owner of a beauty that few can resist, always showing and flawless etiquette and a serene behavior even when negotiating with a gun pointed to his perfect...if you forget the fact that he is always plotting something and have some contact with the witch Victoria, his power surpassed his older brother and now his abilities are comparable to Salem, this not supposed to happen! I witnessed in a battlefield Nicolas facing around 150 enemy soldiers, with movement of his wrist he simply commanded all the enemies to point their own guns to their heads and shoot...he is dominating the mind control with his barely 16 years of immortal life!
 The other sons aren't a real concern for me , but these two are too much powerful and united, they are a threat for my plans...and they need to die..." (Gideão)

I'm not happy with Dan's seems a bit illogical >_O

I gave this wings for Dan because I'm inspired by the primarch Sanguinius from warhammer 40K.

this needs colors

the title says brothers just remembering that Dan still being referred as male in the order :V

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