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Danilo Corrêa
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Simple Candelabra (White Candles) by AngelicHellraiser:iconblackdivider0redo::iconblackdivider2plz::iconblackdivider3plz::iconblackdivider4plz::iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider6plz::iconblackdivider7plz::iconblackdivider8plz::iconblackdivider9plz:Simple Candelabra (White Candles) by AngelicHellraiser

Candle Mini Pixel by GasaraGood evening dear visitor!Candle Mini Pixel by Gasara
Be welcome to my little realm in the digital world...
Let me introduce myself...
My name is Danilo Corrêa , but you can call me Dan, I'm a hobbyist artist and a anthropomorphism enthusiast, yeah you can consider me a furry, I like this title, just dont expect from me some sexual or a excessively dramatic behavior , I dont like it, its not my style.

My artwork is purely for fun and my personal realization, so I don't want to capitalize my talent doing commissions...unless I get in some real need of money in the future.
In my gallery, you can found a large variety of themes like goth, steampunk , vampirism.....and including vore and pregnancy, but please dont take me as ordinary perv, I try to be less vulgar as possible when I work with such themes.

:bulletblack:Pregnancy: Since my childhood I LOVE to see the forms of the pregnancy, not just in woman but in animals too, the concept of you grow a child inside of your body fascinates me!! the bellies in special, it's beautiful I enjoy draw them

:bulletblack:Vore: I know that this theme has a very bad reputation , but my interest on it is far away from the mere fetishism, vore for me have a very deep meaning... something like the act of overpowering a enemy or even destroy him, or a small insignificant creature being consumed and becoming part of something more powerful, But I consider myself ALWAYS as a predator, because the idea of being eat for other creature gives me repulse, and my fursona in absolute no situation must be represented as a prey, its serious, I consider it a SEVERE INSULT against me !! please keep it in mind if you want to give me a surprise drawing or something like that. uwU

Feel free to give some constructive criticism, and ask questions about my work, I love to answer questions about my artwork! ^,...,^

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Gothic Bat Candle (Purple) by AngelicHellraiser:iconblackdivider0redo::iconblackdivider2plz::iconblackdivider3plz::iconblackdivider4plz::iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider6plz::iconblackdivider7plz::iconblackdivider8plz::iconblackdivider9plz:Gothic Bat Candle (Purple) by AngelicHellraiser

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He came in a shining armor... by DANILO7
He came in a shining armor...
"Some legends were told , I never must understand, its not so simple...but some people insist that once long time ago, heroes really existed in our world...I really want believe, but I cant..." (The Traveler)

"When I saw Salem's memories ....I got sick,I thought that cruelty had a limit...I was wrong..." (Dan)

"There's a infinity of supernatural creatures and entities in this world, but no one of them are evil or good, there's no demons or angels between them...we the mortals we decide the good or the evil, the right and the wrong...for some men, do the evil is simply pleasurable" (Madam Victoria Lasombra)

"I don't remember my father's face, or if he was good father to me, I just know that he died in a cold battlefield with a huge claw piercing his guts, I remember a bit of my mother, in that night she cooked a potato soup and some bread for us, we had not much food due the war but that soup was enough to fill my belly, after the meal we went to sleep, I used to sleep between my sisters in the winter, I still can remember how warm and cozy it was,I was the little brother so they treated me with great affection,they used to call me snowy due my white fur.
 My comfy sleeping were interrupted by the city bell and my big sister pulling me from the bed desperately, even with a blurry vision I still have in my mind the scene of my mom trying to hold the door and being beheaded by a katana, we jumping through the window and felling in the soft snow, running while crying without even know what was happening
 We were cornered by 5 avian soldiers, my big sister tried to react with a wood axe that she managed to grab, but they dominated her so easily, throwing her side to side they ripped her clothes while laughing of our misfortune, my cry and shouts for help just angered them, one of them kicked me in the chest and stepped in my back piercing me with his nasty claws.
  I had just 7 years old , my old sisters were 17,15,11 and 8 years young we were forced to know the war in its worst form, my sisters were one by one violated by several soldiers...right in front of me, how more we cried...more they made we suffer, two of my sisters tried to fight and they immediately beheaded them, everything with a smile in the face after it I got hit in the head with a plank until I passed out. I wake feeling cold in the next morning, at my side I saw my two remaining sisters and some other woman, all of them with wounds and violence marks over their bodies. The silence of that morning was broken by the arrival of one man, his armor were full of gold but he stinks more than a pig, he pointed to me and a soldier immediately pulled me by the hair until a tent, where I was thrown against the ground over a fancy rug, in my front I saw two big avian feet both with the claws stained in blood....and looking over me, two ridiculous eyes with a long black beak in middle of them... remember this face makes me angry!
  I got no clue of what was his name, but he was the first one, the filthy pig that raped me for first time...tainted my purity with his ridiculous and deformed gender...just the first one of many, I became a slave of them , treated worst than a dog being used by the soldiers day after day, night after night, when not satisfied with me they used to burn me with hot nails and whip me with a variety of objects...I have a will to puke when describe this, The avian people in general have a strong appreciation for the oral sex, because their pathetic bodies wont let they do it, the beak hurts their genitals it they try to do it between them, so they forced us mammal prisoners to constantly suck their nasty "sticks"...
  In the first year my young sister died due the many wounds in her womb, and in the half of the second year my other sister died due the venereal sickness,until the third year I already had lost all my hopes, and like my sister I got infected by many sickness and soldiers started to avoid me, they just tied me to a pole most of time , in these days I start to see some fear between the soldiers...some rumors about an military order slaughtering all the avian army spread through the camp. In the despair to flee they just left me behind...of course they nailed my hands and feet and chained me again...just to guarantee a slow death for me, the flies started to come for my open wounds and at night some wild dogs came to eat me, they just bite me and left me...maybe they noticed all the sickness on me. In the morning of the fourth day I was so weak and with the chains tearing my skin...I was silently begging to die...Then I saw him, enlightened by the morning star with his silver shining armor, I thought he was a angel that as came to end my suffering, when he approached I noticed that he was made of flesh and bones like me, I was afraid of him, in last 3 years everyone who approached me had filthy intentions.
  At first he said - are you alright ? - the fear and lack of strength prevented me to answer him, so he extended his hand taking a fresh apple from his bag - dont be afraid of me, I came to help seems hungry ,here eat this- I approached slowly the apple without take the eyes from him, he smiled when I eat the apple and said - My name is Gabriel Giordano...what is your name little friend?- even if I could speak my name was forgotten with the time...-I will call you Salem, Salem the snow prince!...because your fur is beautiful as the snow!- I smiled when he said it, after it he broke my chains he carried me to a doctor, the nails and the insects were removed from my body, they washed me, closed my wounds, and finally after years I slept in a comfy bed, Gabriel adopted me, paid for the best medicine of the world for me in few weeks I was free from all diseases and strong enough to speak... I had no words enough to thank him...he was my hero, my savior, and father. (Salem)


So much feelings while drawing it (most due Johnny Cash songs), look at him, can you see the suffering on him? ÇwÇ

 I felt the necessity to draw this to tell the begin of Salem's story, he isn't just a shitty villain, he isn't the kind of just fight for his own benefit, Salem is a deep and complex character...for those don't know or don't remember who is him ---->………

in older works is mentioned that he was prisoner for 7 years, I will fix this soon

I just regret that I drew this in such shitty paper Y_Y

this hero, he finally appeared again, who remember him??---->…
Should I use this thing??
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Purely professional relationship... by DANILO7
Purely professional relationship...
  "A miracle, it's the only way that I can define it, my miracle to be exact, even the most advanced medicine of the civilized world are merely based in amputations,suture and take out bullets. What I did are centuries beyond the mortal science!When I started my research two years ago I had a barely knowledge about how reproduction fact didn't even knew what exactly females have between their legs...a shocking surprise I have to admit.
  To make real Victoria's dream I had first to understand how a child appears inside the mom's belly, another shocking surprise, that moment of put private parts inside of other private embarrassing to watch! I finally understood why I felt strange in the presence of females...I'm 20 years old why no one told me about it before???Victoria said that I should try some whores, or even force a slave woman to copulate with me, so I could understand it better...both ideias sounded too nasty for me, its all new to me I'm curious but I still too embarrassed to do it.
  Forgetting personal revolts, once I learned it I started to use my ability to explore the body of several test subjects...disastrous results for around 7 months, until I finally understood the many aspects of a female body when I made my assistant, I understood the substances that a female body need to get pregnant and other minimal details. The step after it was the test, obviously not in Victoria, I kidnapped a old maid when she was sleeping, the perfect subject just 4 years older than Victoria, then I applied the process on her body reactivating her lost fertility, in the night after I put some drops of lust potion in her tea and in the wine of the gardener....I drove both behind a bush and the magic happened.
  The old maid give birth successfully to 4 healthy children, you folks should have seen the face of the father! I never saw a so funny combination of despair and happiness!...and yes I became very shocked when the children started to exit from the mom too.The results filled  the Victoria's hope, her eyes almost shined in this moment!But I stood concerned...the fertility exceed the expectations...4 children...if it happen to Victoria she could die...I warned her but she won't listened. Finally the day to try the process in Victoria arrived, all the money ,knowledge, weapons ,fancy clothes and everything else that she promised to me as payment were irrelevant at this two years I became really emotionally connected to her...if the process fails and something bad happen to her, I would mourn forever.
 We went to the lower levels to the castle basement, I ordered to my assistant that protect the room from outside and kill anyone who try to stop the ritual,once unconscious I opened her flesh with my hands to find the problem , easy to see...almost impossible to fix, for some reason her womb had lot damage, fissures, lack of blood flow so much problems that had no chance to use it again, so I destroyed it and rebuild it, a exhaustive process, I had to work in the flesh were using part of my vital energy to keep her alive and prevent bleeding, several hours passed my hunger started to weaken me while I resisted with all my strength to don't succumb and drink from her, after 38 hours of work and resistance against my own instinct...she was finally ready and I almost passing out, I just had time to shout to my assistant carry her to a bed before I fell unconscious in the cold ground of that basement, all my memories of about one week after it are completely blurry, probably I entered in some kind of emergencial hibernation in these days.
  I wake up weak , nothing that couldn't be fixed just draining two healthy slaves, so after a nice dinner I ran to find Victoria, she was fine and surprisingly happy, I forget to tell her about that she would need to betray her husband, to ensure a healthy pregnancy the seed couldn't be from her brother, the incestuous marriage couldn't give healthy offspring! she laughed and said - Again I'm a step ahead from you my little bloodsucker, I already took care of this detail, I found male who gladly gave me his seed...- her tone make me very jealous...I shouldn't feel like this...but imagine her having sex with a random male filled me with envy and hate!!I disguised my anger since then, I still figuring who is this male...maybe one of the castle employees...another noble....some kind of male whore???I will find who is...and will kill him!!
 Leaving aside my the last 8 months I'm in charge to take care of Victoria's health, I recommended her to don't leave the castle during day time, only in the night that I can stay with her outside, when I wake I immediately go to her side, she is under my care at all night, several nights I forgot to feed myself just to spend more time with her, I watch her sleeping...her belly growing slowly, she doesn't let me rub her so I use the excuse that I'm monitoring the puppies with my powers, this grants me hours to slide my soft paws over that round wonder...this give me a exotic pleasure.
 While I'm caring her all the time,her husband still being a useless idiot! just bragging thinking that he is the father...I begged to Victoria let me kill her husband, I could drain him to death...then I could lay myself at her side in the bed every night...but she said that he is more useful alive.
 As I expected for such rich and powerful women, some people would try to take advantage from this moment to attack her defenseless, but no one touches Victoria while I'm here! I can be the weakest vampire but I know how to defend her, I already annihilated 23 attempts to kill her, all the assassins had a painful slow end in my jaws...she is mine...and no one can take her from me, I didn't tell her, but I don't want to go back for the cathedral anymore, to hell with Salem's holy here with her its better I want spend my eternity here, I'm sure that she want it too."(Dan)

  "He needs to die, everything crossed the limit the situation is out of my control, how I could imagine that he would become so much attached to me?, its not the nature of his kind! My emotions overcome my logical thinking and I leave the moment carry me to do undesired things, I'm glad that he doesn't remember anything...the memory spell worked properly.
   He waked 2 nights after the ritual not 7, everything ran perfectly this little nightmare really managed to finish the ancient ritual without kill me or even worse, in the moment that he awoke he found me completely naked drinking in the balcony, I was so astonished by the conquer that I had to celebrate it in such shameful way, he approached me with his typical shyness avoiding eye contact while asking if everything was ok and if I was feeling better...maybe the euphoria, maybe the wine...but that fragile and unsecure little furball seemed so attractive in that night, I cornered him against the bed, so ingenuous he didn't understood my intentions , so innocent for a creature who kills people to feed itself, so funny, I had to enjoy his lack of malice using him like a little toy repeatedly...even being forced I knew that he enjoyed, I saw it in his eyes,young inexperienced male, obviously couldn't please me enough...he basically fainted when I finished with him...I wake at his side when the day where rising, the sunlight from the window almost reaching him ...I considered a lot the possibility of just left the sun take him and erase the evidence of my lustful mistake...but he don't deserve such painful end so I close all the curtains and left him sleeping in my bed, my husband went in another pathetic hunting and would arrive in that morning, I had to act fast, I took a vial of memory eraser potion and shed it whole in Dan's mouth,almost a overdose, but it worked well he slept the whole week and wake without remember nothing.
  In the whole month I disguise my concern about that night , could have him hit the target?? I mean could have him impregnate me?? can you imagine it? The powerful and glamorous Mandam Victoria Lasombra pregnant from a savage boy?? this can taint my family name for centuries! I already can see it the first page of all the newspapers in Valencia and Stone Port "Madam Lasombra gives birth to a litter of bastards"...I could lie about it, alleging that he raped me...but it would be equally destructive to my reputation!In despair I tried some ridiculous solution, I called for a old friend that is owner of a night club in the Valencia underworld, she send me some canine blonde boys, for three nights I fucked with them harder as possible....maybe it could clean the savage seed from me...this makes absolutely no sense now I know.
  Dan discovered about it, he murdered all these boys and threw them at pieces to the dogs...even my husband wouldn't be so jealous!In the nights after it he simply doesn't take his eyes out of me, watching me every moment, going to the extreme of almost being burned by the sun just to dont lose me from sight. The weeks passed and the signals couldn't let me lie, I'm pregnant of triplets indeed, happiness and despair...pregnant but from who? hopefully from that boys from the night club, but if not? If I give birth to 3 little black felines??how to explain it to everyone? I always wanted sons I cant simply discard them if it happen!
   Even being reluctant about it I have to destroy the evidence, I have to kill Dan! first plan I ordered to one of the guards stab him with a wooden spike while he sleeps in his coffin...he simply grabbed the guard and chewed him to death, then a maid to shot him in the head...he survived to the shot and pierced the maid's head with the gun barrel,then a professional vampire hunter...his assistant rammed the hunter to death against the the end all the 23 tries to kill him were frustrated by his ridiculous least he didn't suspect of anything, he still thinking that all the assassins were to kill me.
 It's the end of the eight month, the day of the birth is coming, Dan still alive, I have no idea how to silence him forever...and every night he is so kind and friendly even when I'm extremely crude with him, why he insist in being so lovely? this will make all even harder for me!...for now all that I can do at least is enjoy his excessive attention over me, I hate to admit that it sometimes is when he caress me, praises my beauty...or gives candies in my mouth...and....ARGH! I can't start to like him!!" (Victoria)

  "She is beautiful, richer and gets a bigger belly than me...I will not feel envy...I will not feel envy...I will not feel envy...I will not feel envy..."(the envious woman near to a collapse)

Make your bets!! who is the real father?? what will be Dan's destiny? XD

it cant be called fully vore, because she is obviously pregnant and still not eat the fairy! >:V

note me about errors and inconsistencies

if you think:  "Dan is not supposed to be a cold heart vampire? why he is acting like a little puppy??" simple,the love and fascination for victoria flooded his mind, he still being nasty with everyone except her! just look at his expression when he drives that defenseless fairy to a chewing death! XD

I forgot to explain about the fairy, well for now just  know that it's expensive spice!
now colored!

Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Pink you liked this art? want to see more? don't forget to visit my pregnancy gallery! X3   --->…     Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Pink
Lame narcissist sketches - sketch attack 3 by DANILO7
Lame narcissist sketches - sketch attack 3
featuring!! :

- the realistic Dan about to get in some trouble
- Salem teaching to a wolf who really rules over here >:V
- Dan and Salem doing...clergy things...
- Dan without the magnificent hair and with boobs >_O'
- Dan taking bath without his disguise and singing: DON'T CALL MY NAME!!DON'T CALL MY NAME!! ALEJANDRO!!!!

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