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for a world more furry!!
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Danilo Corrêa
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
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Be welcome to my little realm in the digital world...
Let me introduce myself...
My name is Danilo Corrêa , but you can call me Dan, I'm a hobbyist artist and a anthropomorphism enthusiast, yeah you can consider me a furry, I like this title, just dont expect from me some sexual or a excessively dramatic behavior , I dont like it, its not my style.

My artwork is purely for fun and my personal realization, so I don't want to capitalize my talent doing commissions...unless I get in some real need of money in the future.
In my gallery, you can found a large variety of themes like goth, steampunk , vampirism.....and including vore and pregnancy, but please dont take me as ordinary perv, I try to be less vulgar as possible when I work with such themes.

:bulletblack:Pregnancy: Since my childhood I LOVE to see the forms of the pregnancy, not just in woman but in animals too, the concept of you grow a child inside of your body fascinates me!! the bellies in special, it's beautiful I enjoy draw them

:bulletblack:Vore: I know that this theme has a very bad reputation , but my interest on it is far away from the mere fetishism, vore for me have a very deep meaning... something like the act of overpowering a enemy or even destroy him, or a small insignificant creature being consumed and becoming part of something more powerful, But I consider myself ALWAYS as a predator, because the idea of being eat for other creature gives me repulse, and my fursona in absolute no situation must be represented as a prey, its serious, I consider it a SEVERE INSULT against me !! please keep it in mind if you want to give me a surprise drawing or something like that. uwU

Feel free to give some constructive criticism, and ask questions about my work, I love to answer questions about my artwork! ^,...,^

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Tullius Maximus by DANILO7
Tullius Maximus
"The empire that once I called call me as traitor...
Those who once I called call me coward...
The principles that I grew believing are now mere hollow words...
All the glory and victory denied by a single mistake...
But now the darkness has welcomed me and those stood at my side,
We have a new home, a new purpose and mission,
Now we are a legion blessed with the eternity and anyone who underestimate our strength will be crushed as a maggot!" (Tullius)


  Initial draft of General Tullius, he is the third son of Salem, as the first sons are relatively small, this one will be the big brother, his body structure is huge, he has around 3 meters high and 500 kg (I drew him too small in this one, he is far more bulky than it) as you can imagine he's a vampire too, his bloodline is the "Adonis" he has a lot of physical strength and charisma to lead the legions but his skin is fragile as any mortal, so he need to use the heaviest armor already built in the civilized world.
 although all his imposing appearance he is a man full of insecurities, obsessed with victory and to keep proofing to everyone that he isn't weak and coward.
Mira by DANILO7
another trade with Laew 

this one is pretty simple but I had to discard the first 2 attempts of draw her, that's the why it took almost 2 weeks to publish Y_Y

the belly measuring pose was the best idea that I managed to imagine :'V

Mira © :iconlaew:

maybe one day I color this one >wO'
Seeker Sister by DANILO7
Seeker Sister
"FEMALE POWER!!FUCK YEAH!!" (Victoria Lasombra)

"Women dressing the steel by their own will? HAHAHAHA!! I need to see it with my own eyes!!" (Galatéia)

"This is ridiculous...women aren't made for combat, they're weak and cowards, they only serve to clean to cook and to fuck!" (Nicolas)

"Why Dan can't simply understand this? he can't create an army with women...he thinks that they will be hard fighters as him, he is hard because he isn't a real woman, just a male with breasts!" (Salem)

in this drawing you can see the first concept of an "seeker sister" I already drew two of them , but without armor, --->…


 The seeker sisters are an sigilous and fanatic organization founded By Dan,Agnes, and Madam M., each founder with their on intentions about the recently created organization.
 They are technically part of the clergy but in reality they are almost enemies, the only clerical connection that they have is Dan who keeps the sisters as an official arm of the ecclesiarch, although all the cardinals repudiate the organization they dont complain too much about fearing an possible violent overreaction of the oldest son of Salem.
  The sisters are around 3000, but no more than 800 are warriors,many of them are women with tragic life stories, victims of war, abuse,family traditions or slavery, all of them seek for an better place to live and a purpose to keep breathing, and the most daring seeks for a life of battle and adventure,the sect offers all of it and more by the price of fanatical devotion and absolute compromise with the sinister purpose of the founders.
here...a female in reasonable armor, you see no exposed meat and no boob plate, I feel good to draw this way -3-

poor background :'V
crushing appetite by DANILO7
crushing appetite
  I just found it forgotten in my stash, I drew this long time ago, this merely a provocation to an idiot who was bothering me with his obsession for animals with big penises (horses especially),because he already had give his butthole for so many animals that only an phallic organ bigger as his arm could fulfill his destroyed fat ass. (i'm being serious)
  So as I was a bit angry and inspired to draw some snake related thing, so I drew snake Dan crushing a worked, he got really mad with me. XD

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