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Danilo Corrêa
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
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Be welcome to my little realm in the digital world...
Let me introduce myself...
My name is Danilo Corrêa , but you can call me Dan, I'm a hobbyist artist and a anthropomorphism enthusiast, yeah you can consider me a furry, I like this title, just dont expect from me some sexual or a excessively dramatic behavior , I dont like it, its not my style.

My artwork is purely for fun and my personal realization, so I don't want to capitalize my talent doing commissions...unless I get in some real need of money in the future.
In my gallery, you can found a large variety of themes like goth, steampunk , vampirism.....and including vore and pregnancy, but please dont take me as ordinary perv, I try to be less vulgar as possible when I work with such themes.

:bulletblack:Pregnancy: Since my childhood I LOVE to see the forms of the pregnancy, not just in woman but in animals too, the concept of you grow a child inside of your body fascinates me!! the bellies in special, it's beautiful I enjoy draw them

:bulletblack:Vore: I know that this theme has a very bad reputation , but my interest on it is far away from the mere fetishism, vore for me have a very deep meaning... something like the act of overpowering a enemy or even destroy him, or a small insignificant creature being consumed and becoming part of something more powerful, But I consider myself ALWAYS as a predator, because the idea of being eat for other creature gives me repulse, and my fursona in absolute no situation must be represented as a prey, its serious, I consider it a SEVERE INSULT against me !! please keep it in mind if you want to give me a surprise drawing or something like that. uwU

Feel free to give some constructive criticism, and ask questions about my work, I love to answer questions about my artwork! ^,...,^

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Anti stress medicine by DANILO7
Anti stress medicine
  Not a real solution,alcohol never solved anything...but soda or milk also don't, the last thing that I seek in alcohol is solution, I seek for relief and a bit of fun sometimes, although, I don't remember when was the last time that I raised a cup for a celebration...hangover ,dizziness ,headache they are issues so simple in comparison of the problems that I try to forget when I drink.
 Everyone has its problems, that's why I don't ask anyone for help, in fact I have some kind of problem that I can't even ask for help, no one will understand, instead, I will be considered the problem itself...
 The things used to be complicated but now they are worse, because I dont have just my problems to resolve ,due my brother's death I have to take care of my parents that become everyday more affected by the lack of their son...this with the pressure of all the other familiars over me,bothering me about how I should behave, when I should marry and when I should have a son.This year wasn't supposed to happen this way, I was preparing myself to run away from this stagnated reality, runaway from this frozen routine, now this tragedy has left me stuck  here for more some years.
 In a second plan I have the gender issue to solve, how can I explain this to all my relatives, (some of them I dont really care about and I will be glad to punch them in the face if they complain)my concern isn't really about my parents or relatives, but with my girlfriend too... she will not accept this very well ,her traditionalist family even less...the rest of society...I don't even need to say about.
 If I choose to reveal myself and transform my body to fulfill my natural emotional needs I have great chances to lose my beloved one, friends, the chance to get decent jobs and take the risk of ending in a shit life as most of transgenders in this country...if I dont do it, I will surely suffer internally with this to rest of my life...

 I will stop for here, this text are barely making sense, and I don't want to waste time of anyone who try to read this.
....this is like a bar in some way, I give "free beer" (my drawings and things like that) and you clients occasionally pay attention to my rants and's cool I like it
the inspiration for this came from the game Darkest Dungeon, that's why the armor.
 in this game ,one of the options for stress relief in the game is put the heroes to drink, If I had to kill supernatural monsters everyday, I would surely appreciate some beer filled weekend!
 This time I'm really frustrated, this was the most boring and depressive weekend that I ever had! my internet connection stopped work around 9 pm of friday and still not returned, the assholes of the technical assistance don't work in weekends, they simply give a shit to all their customers, we pay R$ 90 per month to receive a shit service and that always stop when you have a free time to relax and use it!
 This pissed me off so much that I almost had a nervous collapse...."but Dan, you are being dramatic, internet is a merely addictive luxury of the modern society, this ain't vital or anything.." no it doesn't! without this shit in my home we are forced to talk to each other...and the only matter that we have to discuss is about my dead brother...and this only makes everything even more depressive.
 as any shit weekend I spent using the same tool, alcohol, luckily I had money and the butcher near to my home had a big bottle of brandless wine...another weekend...another bottle.
  • Mood: Pissed Off
Agnes the nightmare queen by DANILO7
Agnes the nightmare queen
"-Master Salem...I'm not questioning your memory or your battle experience, I'm just trying to expose the possibility about  one of the nightmare masters had managed to escape from our blades in the last night of the war!...
- This is absolutely impossible...I personally beheaded and burned all the nightmare masters in that night...
- but Agnes... her corpse was never found...
- I apologise my master...but in this situation I see as a need, as you remember very well Saint Omar wasn't the only one to rise again from death....
-I ordered you to forget it centuries ago...
- I know...but now I have some solid evidences connecting your son to Agnes
- Again you are trying to induce me against my son...what "solid proof" you have to connect my recently resurrected son to an vampire whore who died almost 600 years ago?
- simple...look at his....or her clothes, gold arrows in the black cloth...exactly as the nightmare minions centuries ago...he is opulent as Agnes itself!!
- this is a merely fashion issue...dont waste my time with such pathetic arguments!!
- and how about his gender changing after the resurrection??do you already thought about it?? this is exactly what Agnes did when she resurrected!!
-just get out of here Gideão....
- of course my master...just...keep your eyes open, I'm rarely wrong about my suspects" (Salem and Gideão)
finally after a long time I finished to create Agnes, she is an old ,powerful and key character of FBtSV

I don't showed her legs on this drawing because this will be a surprise

the drawing is cut because I just had a small piece of paper*

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